Voles and lemmings (Arvicolinae) of the Palearctic region.

Boris Kryštufek & Georgy Shenbrot

Voles and lemmings are the most numerous group of Palaearctic rodents by species, so they are often the subject of basic and applied research. Combining the advances of genomics with traditional taxonomy, the present work is an authoritative and up-to-date guide to the taxonomy of an animal group of interest to epidemiologists, biostratigraphers, zooarchaeologists, evolutionary biologists, population ecologists, biosystematists, conservation biologists, museum curators, and researchers in various other biological fields. . The text is accompanied by 331 illustrations and more than a thousand references. Morphological features and detailed distribution maps are given for each of the 128 species. The book will provide the user with an in-depth and critical interpretation of the relationships between species of voles and lemmings. It will make it easier to understand the taxonomic changes that are still common in this group of rodents.

The book is published as a pdf, which can be freely downloaded here.