Atlas of distribution of insectivores of the Czech Republic. Miloš Anděra, Vladimír Hanzal, Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic (NCA), Prague, 2022, 124 pp.

This latest version of the atlas of distribution of insectivores living in the Czech Republic follows up the previous stages of mapping of this mammal group. The large dataset covers the period 1753–2021 and is based on several main sources (results of field efforts, extensive bibliography of different sources, museum collections etc.); almost 24,000 records limited by the end of the year 2021 were used. The assessment of the data set is based on the standard grid mapping (squares 12 km × 11.2 km in size). In the overview of particular species, 3 types of maps are used: 1) summary grid map, 2) point map of localities and 3) chronological map. The text of the atlas for the particular species consists of several sections: the vernacular and scientific names of the species (including synonyms), information about its legal protection and conservation at the national and international level, general distribution and occurrence in the Czech Republic, mapping statistics, hypsometry, habitat preferences and level of threat. In some cases, notes on taxonomy or nomenclature of the species are added. A number of photos of species and their habitats are also attached. An extensive list of references is provided at the end of the atlas. Up to now, the occurrence of 10 species from three families – shrews (7 species), moles (1 species) and hedgehogs (2 species) – has been confirmed in the Czech Republic. The text is bilingual with more comprehensive English summaries.   

The atlas can be ordered directly from the publisher – The Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic (NCA), email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; price 8 € + postage.