Bechstein's bat, cover imageA new monograph on the ecology of Bechstein's bat in Luxembourg has just been published in the first volume of Ökologie der Säugetiere to be produced entirely in the English language.

The monograph summarises an exceptionally detailed study into the ecology of this otherwise rather poorly known species across 22 woodlands in Luxembourg. Using mist-netting and radiotracking, bats were followed to their daytime roosts, the majority of which were in woodpecker holes. Being able to locate such a large number of roosts allowed the authors, Markus Dietz and Jaques Pir, to gather detailled information about the ecological needs of this bat and to make recommendations about appropriate forest management practices for this  Natura 2000 species.

A wealth of detailed information is provided in a very readable way with many colour photographs and some very attractive drawings of the bats. 

The full reference is:

Markus Dietz & Jacques B Pir (2011) Distribution, Ecology and Habitat Selection by Bechstein's bat (Myotis bechsteinii) in Luxembourg. Ökologie der Säugetiere No. 6, 88pp.ISBN 978-3-933066-45-9.

The issue (21€) can be purchased here: