iucn mammal statusThe Status and Distribution of European Mammals, compiled by Helen J Temple and Andrew Terry has recently been published by the IUCN in collaboration with the European Union.

This is the first review of the conservation status of all wild mammals in Europe according to the IUCN regional Red Listing guidelines.

The report is available here. Warning: large file (11 MB).


danishatlascoverThe Danish Mammals Atlas "Dansk Pattedyr Atlas" has been published.

Edited by Hans J Baagøe and Thomas Secher Jensen, the atlas maps all Danish mammals at a resolution of 10 x 10 km, using the UTM grid.

The atlas is primarily the result of the Danish Mammal Atlas Project, which ran from 2000-2003. During this period, the editors, ably assisted by Tine Hansen and Marianne Ujvári, collected data from the public, volunteers and interest groups. As this three year period was too short to map all species adequately, the data were combined with existing observations from the previous one or two decades, depending on the species. 

As well as the maps, the atlas also contains a well-illustrated account for each of the 88 species, written by a range of Danish mammalogists. These cover the history, occurrence and conservation status of each species.

The atlas is, of course, written in Danish. However, there is an extended summary in English and many of the more critical picture captions are also in English.

The Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe has updated its website to reflect the fact that it is now a Working Group of the IUCN's Species Survival Commission. The site should now be updated more frequently with news about large carnivores, information about projects and initiatives and reports.